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Review of The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer

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This is still one of my old time favorites. I figuratively devour this book many moons before the movie was released (and even before the hype started on Stephenie’s Twilight series). My husband couldn’t understand my excitement when he reluctantly agreed to watch the movie with me. To say the least he was a bit confused what the hype was all about. Similarly to other books-turned-movie releases, the movie (irrespective of the acting quality) couldn’t give a true reflection of this epic book – pure genius.

If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know the earth and human minds were invaded by a foreign species. That there was an internal struggle for possession between the persistent Melanie Stryder and the invading “soul”, the Wanderer.

This book expertly told a unique and unusual love story. An unforgettable novel with a satisfying ending. I confess, a real tearjerker too … well, if you cry from happiness ;-).

This book is one of my top recommendations.


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