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Review of The Bonding Ritual (Girls Wearing Black: Book Four) by Spencer Baum

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In the fourth and final instalment, Daciana made some changes in the contest, hoping for a more exciting conclusion. Whereas Jill is evaluating her priorities and the potential risks and rewards regarding her involvement, Nicky is on a path of discovery.

(Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait for the release of this book. I obsessively devour all of them in a matter of days, one directly after the other.)

This was indeed a surprising, but perfect ending for the series. Expect interesting romance revelations, as well as difficult situations and decisions for the key characters. Spencer Baum is excellent in creating suspense and keeping his reader audiences captivated. Everything was nicely wrapped up even though it was sad to say goodbye to all these characters.

I (obviously) highly recommend this series and this book.


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Review of The Rose Ransom (Girls Wearing Black: Book Three) by Spencer Baum

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The next event in the Coronation contest is The Rose Ransom where the entire class needs to search for a kidnapped girl. Jill learned of a murder scene at the Bloom mansion which could jeopardize the entire mission. On top of that she also uncovers a conspiracy which indicates that this could be perhaps more than a game.

This is truly an original concept and the outcomes of each of these contests are really unexpected. The game is getting more complicated and interesting. Both Jill and Nicky are important players that expertly contribute to the story line from their unique perspectives. I couldn’t move quickly enough through each section to find out what happens to the other character.

Another gripping book in the Girls Wearing Black series. A highly recommended series indeed!


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Review of The Festival of the Moon (Girls Wearing Black: Book Two) by Spencer Baum

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The Festival of the Moon is the second event in the Coronation contest and involves an uncontrolled party in the woods followed by a date auction.

A true page turner full of backstabbing, gossip, intrigue and espionage. Indeed a captivating book which effectively builds suspense and provides some interesting twists. The characters are fascinating and strong. Some secrets are revealed and more questions raised. A great continuation from the first instalment. It was just over too quickly (finished in one sitting!).

A fantastic story and a recommended must read.


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Review of The Homecoming Masquerade (Girls Wearing Black: Book One) by Spencer Baum

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The vampires have created a game where any girl wearing a black dress at the Homecoming, enters herself into a contest. The winner of the Coronation contest will become a vampire and the loser will be the first victim of this new immortal. It is expected that only the most connected and wealthiest girls stand a chance to win. Everyone was surprised when the new girl, Nicky Bloom, also arrived in a black dress. Does she have a death wish or is there more to her than meets the eye?

What a refreshing change – not your typical swoon worthy vampire-lead story line. The book immediately starts with the first event of the Coronation contest – the homecoming masquerade – and the story is told from the view of the two main characters, Jill and Nicky. The plot is flowing and evolving, and kept me engaged. Lots of background information was provided which set the scene for the next instalment. Well, I was suitably intrigued to continue with the next book to follow the contest and hidden agendas of all parties involved.

Totally satisfying read and a surprising new author find!


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