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Review of LIAM (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

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Liam was an FBI agent turned wolf shifter and Guardian. The story picks up after the battle against Orion and where the ogre triplets are dying. Liam’s task is to find a willing female ogre to help save the boys. They thought the species was wiped out, but it seems there is a very dangerous and reclusive tribe left.

It was first a bit weird to read this book from Liam’s perspective, especially after so many books with Rylee in the driving seat. I presume it was more a case of  how I saw Liam through Rylee’s eyes, as this strong silent type and now you are in his head with all his insecurities and internal dialogue. But after a few chapters the compelling plot twists, the very eventful and challenging journey and detailed documented fight scenes had me hooked again. The story, as the others, were fast, action packed with lots of fatal or near fatal injuries – never a dull moment nor an expected outcome for any situation.

Above all odds, the loose ends were neatly pulled together. A good and satisfying story from a brilliant writer who delivers time and again without failure. I’m glad the story continues in these epilogues!


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Review of RYLEE (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 1) by Shannon Mayer

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I read all the Rylee Adamson Novels (starting with Priceless Book 1) and was really sad when that series ended, but then I was notified of the Epilogues series!! Jay!


In Rylee, The Rylee Adamson Epilogues, Book 1, the story continues from after the final battle. Rylee no longer has her Tracker abilities, but decided to assist in another salvage in order to find a missing girl that is linked to the Elementals’ world. While trying to control her new abilities and unnatural needs, she also tries to survive very dangerous situations.

Another non-stop action packed story, complete with Rylee-like cuss words, determination, no-nonsense attitude and resolve to do good and help others. Her internal struggles to deal with her new situation and darker needs were effortlessly woven into the story and the events actually guided her to “find” herself and her new role. It was an enjoyable read with a few new characters that brought humour and filled the noticeable gaps left by previous characters – so yes, some sad memories tagged at my heart strings too.

I’m looking forward seeing where this series will take us, as there’s lots of potential.


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Review of Replica (The Blood Borne Series Book 2) by Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank

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This book’s story line follows directly from Recombinant (Blood Borne Series Book 1).

After exposing the Asclepius project and its dangerous experiments, Rachel and Lea are hunted by petrifying new enemies. They need to deal with unforeseen complications and decipher new clues. A werewolf calling himself a friend and another stranger crossed their paths and join their mission for their own personal agendas.

The very head-strong, independent and butt-kicking heroines continue doing their thing in order to save the innocent and bring the perpetrators to justice. New characters were introduced which added to the ladies’ internal and external conflict. It was a good plot, full of action with an interesting development and a prophecy that’s revealed at the end.

Sometimes Rachel came across as too self absorbed and over-reacted in some situations, which is mostly driven by her baggage. But otherwise it was an entertaining story.


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Review of Rootbound (The Elemental Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer

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Larkspur, an Elemental, returns from a 25-year banishment only to find the Elemental families full of violence, deception and madness. The mother goddess asked her to recover the four stones initially entrusted to the leaders of the Elemental families. Larkspur uncovers many secrets on this journey and had to face various obstacles as well as stop her nemesis. Furthermore, will Larkspur’s true love be the same, once she manages to find him?

Shannon Mayer just has the ability to pull you into her stories, hold you tight and don’t let go till the bitter end. Phew, then you can release that breath you didn’t even realised you’ve been holding. But then again, she also leaves you hanging and wanting more!

This was a really interesting journey with Lark. She had to face numerous enemies and dangers as well as deal with her internal emotional struggles while grieving lost loved ones. The innovative plot was expertly told and … there was a totally unexpected twist with an enemy that is far worst and stronger than initially anticipated. Book 5 was big on action and deception, low on romance and has very creative Lark-style “non-swearing” that was entertaining.

This book, which is very aptly named, is not to be missed! AND (dramatic pause) apparently a full length story about Ash while Lark was in the Oubliette, is coming soon in August 2016. Can’t wait!


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Review of Windburn (The Elemental Series Book 4) by Shannon Mayer

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This story is slightly different from the other elements (covered in book 1-3), as it only touched lightly on the air elementals’ world and their power.

The search for the missing King actually evolved into a bigger story. Larkspur needed to find a Tracker to pinpoint the King’s whereabouts and it was interesting how the author incorporated events and characters from another series into this one. It builds on previous and future events, especially if you’ve read the other series too.

Unfortunately this book left me somewhat wanting. Not sure if the timeline was a bit forced to fit in with the Rylee Adamson Novel series, but the (spoiler alert!) two-year time jump was a bit of a shocker. Don’t get me wrong, a great plot, very evil foes, lots of fast-paced action and interesting developments, but the latter part of the book felt a bit rushed.

… and I’d prefer it if Ash featured more (yup, a big fan of this strong silent man!).

That being said, it is still a joy to join Larkspur on her journey of discovery.


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Review of Firestorm (The Elemental Series Book 3) by Shannon Mayer

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From the proverbial ‘out of the hot water (Book 2) into the fire’ (book 3) …

This time Larkspur faces the scorching heat, depths of lava, new creatures, and foes in the Pit. To save Ash from execution, Larkspur needs to overcome manipulation and identify traitors while trying not to burn alive.

Similarly to the previous books, this one is action packed with strong and well-developed characters and nominal romance. (I really, really would prefer if Ash features more! Hint, hint Shannon.) It swept me along and I held my breath as I turn page after page. What an adrenaline rush and extraordinary series!


Purchase your copy of Fire Storm by clicking here.


Review of Recombinant (The Blood Borne Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank

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Shannon Mayer is another of my favorite authors (yes, I’ve finished her Rylee Adamson novels and is waiting in anticipation for her next book in the Elemental series).

Recombinant is the first book in a new series (with co-writer D G Swank) which is full of plots, provides an alternative historical perspective on vampires and introduces new interesting characters.

A journalist, Rachel and a vampire hunter, Lea’s paths crossed when both become interested in and investigated a succession of gruesome murders in New York city. They make a reluctant but formidable team to uncover the truth which is much bigger conspiracy than what they initially anticipated.

Expect strong female leads – insight is gained into their characters and history as the book progresses – with a great story line that will keep you turning pages (or sliding your fingers across your e-reader’s screen) till the end, which came much too quickly. A new intriguing and intense series.

Purchase your copy of the Recombinant here.


PS: you can pre-order Replica which is due on 5 April 2016! Can’t wait for its release.



Review of Breakwater (The Elemental Series Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

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Book 2 does not disappoint and provides a fast paced and action driven plot.

Larkspur is royal guard who needs to accompany her older sister who was send as an ambassador to the Deep, a realm of the water elementals. They landed in the middle of a deadly battle for the throne after the death of the water elemental’s King.

Expect to be pulled into the elemental world and join in the action, secrets, magic and fighting some dangerous monsters that are lurking in the water …

After Recurve I couldn’t wait for Break Water‘s release.  Shannon Mayer has an unbelievable imaginative mind and is an expert in character development. The heroine is complex and powerful. While she may have some shortcomings, she grows with each experience. The action scenes are convincing and described in detail. The story is amazing, exciting and enjoyable.

You would want to read this series!

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Review of Recurve (The Elemental Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer

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As a half-breed elemental bastard-child accused of attacking her wicked stepmother, Larkspur needs to decide to either become an Ender – one of the King’s Elite Guards – or being banished.

The story moves along rapidly with detailed action scenes and some interesting threatening situations. I was easily pulled into the world of the Elementals and trust you’ll also enjoy this action packed ride-along. A strong female lead with high values and a good heart. A great book which I highly recommend.


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