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Review of Siege (Warrior Chronicles #5) (Volume 5) by K.F. Breene

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A new release!!

The battle continues, with the final battle imminent. Everyone is waiting in anticipation of what to expect next from Xandre, the Being Supreme, as well as the Chosen. Will Santi and Cayan’s skills and armed forces be enough to overcome the forces Xandre started to accumulate as he slowly took control over the entire land? And will the Chosen be the catalyst leading those being oppressed to freedom?

Again, a nail biting non-stop action story filled with interesting characters, funny moments, witty dialogue and extremely detailed descriptive action scenes. Reading some events from another character’s perspective and dealing with their emotions, uncertainly and bravery pulled me in further and made me feel part of the Chosen’s army. I just loved the interactions between the different characters and the romance that blossomed between Santi and Cayan. Even if it feels the odds are against them as the Graygual they encounter is getting better and more difficult to defeat, there is still hope …

I had one eye on the location indicator on my kindle device and was constantly thinking “No, no! It can’t be!” as I move closer to the end of the book. Obviously, I cannot wait for the next installment.

In parting, herewith a motivational quote from the book (and Captain): Overcoming fear is the best way to gain confidence. Skirting fear is the fastest way to a hollow bravado.” *

Grab your copy now or start the series if you haven’t done so yet – highly entertaining and recommended!


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*Breene, K.F., Siege (The Warrior Chronicles, 5) (Kindle Locations 974-975). Hazy Dawn Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Review of Invasion (The Warrior Chronicles, 4) by K.F. Breene

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Another bestseller!

In Invasion the Hunter doesn’t want to admit defeat. Even though the title of Chosen is secured, a new deadly power rises. Shanti and Cayan have their hands full to safeguard their freedom and protect the Westwood Lands occupants from torture and eventual death.

What an awesome and thrilling book! Movie-worthy and action packed scenes so well described and detailed that I couldn’t sit still reading (was a bit energized, I must confess). And non-stop! The author’s imagination and strategic thinking left me overwhelmed. The loyalty of the team to the main characters were note worthy and enhanced the battle scenes as well as warms the heart. A powerful, fast and fascinating installment. I highly recommend this book and series.

(Please, please write faster!)


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Review of Shadow Lands (The Warrior Chronicles, 3) by K.F. Breene

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To claim her title as the Chosen, Shanti needs to enter The Trials alone to test her fighting skill, battle awareness and ability to survive. On the other hand, Cayan needs to master his mental skill while keeping his men safe on a dangerous island. More Graygual and Inkna arrived on the island and some sinister force is rigging The Trials.

Another great and exciting book in the series. Full of interesting plots, detailed action scenes, suspense, pleasing interactions between characters, and humour. The story kept me engaged, anxious and surprised. I was unable to put it down until I read to the bitter end. Ms Breene doesn’t disappoint and she’s indeed a great story teller with an amazing imagination.

I can really recommend this book and the series.


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Review of Hunted (The Warrior Chronicles, 2) by K.F. Breene

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After freeing her brother, Rohnan, and a unknown stranger from a Graygual camp, Shanti  returns to Cayan. The unknown stranger seems very precious to the enemy. Subsequent to the rescue mission, Shanti catches the attention of the Hunter – a superior officer who always finds his targets. The question is whether Shanti could remain elusive while the danger increases and one of the best is hunting her.

Similarly to the first book, I couldn’t put it down. My heart was racing while I “joined” the never ending fighting and action scenes. The characters are exciting and come alive which left me rooting for them or cheering when they defeat their enemy. An excellent follow-up on Chosen and more unexpected events for our fiercely, determined female warrior. Another great book that captures her journey to the Shadow Lands and the trials awaiting the Chosen one.

I highly recommend this impressive series and Book 2. Warning, you may become addicted!!


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Review of Chosen (The Warrior Chronicles, 1) by K.F. Breene

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The story covers Shanti’s destiny to lead the Shadow Warriors to freedom and out of the Land of Mist. On her journey, and while fleeing the warlord Xandre, she was found in the wastelands by foreigners. As the war spreads she needs to assist her saviors with her exceptional fighting abilities (which include powerful mental powers) and reveal some secrets she tried to hide.

I was instantly attracted to the story and couldn’t read it fast enough to find out what happens next in this action packed adventure. I was intrigued with the plot and enjoyed the humour and sexual tension. The female lead has a great personality, is interesting, fun and really shines. The other characters were well-developed too, which was stimulating and added to the various interactions with Shanti. The action scenes are so detailed it becomes real. The book is well-written, which only left me hungry for more.

I highly recommend this series.


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