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Review of Maze of Souls (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 6) by JL Bryan

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This is Book 6 in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series.

At Pine Hollow Farm one can enjoy fun activities, explore a corn maze or take a ride through the haunted woods and cemetery to encounter the legendary horseman ghost. But suddenly more ghosts are roaming the premises and scaring everyone away. The challenge for Ellie and Stacey is to solve this case before Halloween night when the spirits will be out and about and in full strength.

Another riveting and fast-paced “speculative fiction” novel from J.L Bryan. Even though breadcrumbs were provided throughout the book, a few developments were still unexpected. The story was great, featuring interesting and sometimes peculiar characters. As always, the actual murderer is not the one, I (or Ellie) initially suspected. There are scary developments of a more personal matter for Ellie in this book, which left me in anticipation and make me wish that the author could write faster!


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Review of House of Whispers (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 5) by JL Bryan

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Ellie and Stacey’s latest challenge is to search and remove those ghosts that suddenly turned dangerous and started attacking the guests in the luxurious Lathrop Grant Hotel. The hotel became famous for its nineteenth-century murders and a haunted room, but it seems it also has a few dark secrets with some really powerful and violent entities.

Jaiks, this was a serious case to solve with multiple apparitions – a selection of murderous, misguided, helpful or mischievous spirits all mixed into one. A very engaging plot with really interesting research findings and history about who’s who in the zoo (uhm … I mean in the hotel). It’s always interesting to see how Ellie solves these challenges. Just when you think there’s no way that she’ll manage to remove these evil spirits, she takes daring and revolutionary action to put them where they belong. The story also takes an attention-grabbing turn that in part complicates, but also helps the team on this case.

I enjoyed this novel too and can recommend Book 5 to all the Ellie Jordan fans.


House of Whispers can be purchased by clicking here.


Review of Terminal (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 4) by JL Bryan

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Terminal is the fourth book in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series. It can also be read as a stand alone as sufficient clarification of terms and ghost busting methods are being shared.

Ellie Jordan’s latest client has problems with a banshee that’s a feeder of misery and sadness. But it seems the problem is bigger and more complex than just a banshee. The client’s residence is part of a half-built suburban community that was build on cursed land with a nearby old railroad line that’s a conduit for dark spirits and lost souls.

This story was VERY good and fascinating. Crazy spooky stuff happened on top of Ellie’s emotional (reading ‘love-life’) and professional issues. The interactions were again funny and witty. The plot was well thought out and expertly told. The haunted railroad, its history as well as Ellie’s daring solution to get rid of the evil and lesser evil entities were totally interesting.

(Spoiler Alert!) Expect some new developments for Eckhard Investigation’s future that will leave Ellie very uncomfortable.

Another Trapper Novel I can recommend if you devoured the previous books like I did. (I would’ve preferred a little more interaction between the two love birds … but that’s just me. Ellie and Michael’s initial awkwardness was really cute in the previous novel.)


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Review of The Crawling Darkness (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 3) by JL Bryan

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This is book 3 in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series.

Ellie Jordan is a paranormal investigator. A dangerous and powerful spirit, Ellie and Calvin were unable to capture before, is now terrorizing the residents of an apartment building. This elusive entity appears in the form of one’s greatest fear and feeds off that feeling of terror. Together with Stacey, Ellie needs to capture this shape-shifting entity before it drains another victim.

Like this Fear-feeder spirit, the story grabs and holds your attention from the very start. You’ll get some insights into both Stacey and Calvin’s history and fears. Ellie came across as very guarded in the previous books, but as her relationships grow with others, you’ll get glimpses of her true personality. The sharp comebacks and interaction between the teammates are funny and entertaining. Great plot with lots of action, mystery and twists.

You won’t get bored to death (no pun intended) with these mystery-solving stories nor the interesting characters and paranormal entities that are introduced in each book. After this book I’m looking with some apprehension at dark areas …

PS: I noticed a few editing errors, but it’s not really distracting you from the story.


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Review of Cold Shadows (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 2) by JL Bryan

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In this second book Ellie Jordan has a new challenging case where multiple ghosts and a poltergeist haunts a home. It also seems that the family’s 7-year old son’s invisible friends are actually restless children spirits. Ellie needs to solve a mysterious mass-murder of more than a hundred and sixty years ago, before these dangerous entities become more violent and hurt her clients.

J.L. Bryan knows how to build suspense and created some really scary and intriguing situations. Ellie is a down to earth, but fearless person trying to protect the living from the dead’s malevolent intentions. The other characters are pleasant and believable. The story line was well thought out and expertly told. It kept me captivated and I was turning page after page. Ellie takes a brutal beating, but manages to eventually solve the case – a surprising conclusion of who actually was the instigator and initial murderers!!

I enjoyed the story and can highly recommend this book. I also cannot wait to start the next ghost exterminator mystery case with Ellie.


Purchase Book 2 in this series, here.



Review of Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by JL Bryan

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Ellie Jordan is a paranormal detective and ghost exterminator. Her latest client experiences disturbing events in an old mansion they are currently renovating. Initially it seems to be a typical restless spirit situation, but then a very dark, older evil takes over the mansion. Ellie needs to exorcise this dangerous and powerful spirit before it kills her and the new owners of the mansion.

This was an awesome book! The initial interactions with her skeptical client and his transition through the process were typical and expertly done. Ellie’s narrative was amusing at times as well as entertaining. The story of her past increased the tension, strengthen the existence of malevolent spirits and how hazardous ghost busting actually is. The sinister spirits and hauntings become real and pulled me further into the story, eagerly anticipating the next crazy event.

J.L. Bryan masterfully combined the paranormal with a mystery murder investigation. I cannot wait to read more about Ellie and what awaits her next.


Click here to access a copy of the book. The Kindle version was free at time of writing.



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