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Review of Replica (The Blood Borne Series Book 2) by Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank

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This book’s story line follows directly from Recombinant (Blood Borne Series Book 1).

After exposing the Asclepius project and its dangerous experiments, Rachel and Lea are hunted by petrifying new enemies. They need to deal with unforeseen complications and decipher new clues. A werewolf calling himself a friend and another stranger crossed their paths and join their mission for their own personal agendas.

The very head-strong, independent and butt-kicking heroines continue doing their thing in order to save the innocent and bring the perpetrators to justice. New characters were introduced which added to the ladies’ internal and external conflict. It was a good plot, full of action with an interesting development and a prophecy that’s revealed at the end.

Sometimes Rachel came across as too self absorbed and over-reacted in some situations, which is mostly driven by her baggage. But otherwise it was an entertaining story.


Click here to purchase Book Two of the Blood Borne Series.


Review of Recombinant (The Blood Borne Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank

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Shannon Mayer is another of my favorite authors (yes, I’ve finished her Rylee Adamson novels and is waiting in anticipation for her next book in the Elemental series).

Recombinant is the first book in a new series (with co-writer D G Swank) which is full of plots, provides an alternative historical perspective on vampires and introduces new interesting characters.

A journalist, Rachel and a vampire hunter, Lea’s paths crossed when both become interested in and investigated a succession of gruesome murders in New York city. They make a reluctant but formidable team to uncover the truth which is much bigger conspiracy than what they initially anticipated.

Expect strong female leads – insight is gained into their characters and history as the book progresses – with a great story line that will keep you turning pages (or sliding your fingers across your e-reader’s screen) till the end, which came much too quickly. A new intriguing and intense series.

Purchase your copy of the Recombinant here.


PS: you can pre-order Replica which is due on 5 April 2016! Can’t wait for its release.



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