Review of LIAM (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

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Liam was an FBI agent turned wolf shifter and Guardian. The story picks up after the battle against Orion and where the ogre triplets are dying. Liam’s task is to find a willing female ogre to help save the boys. They thought the species was wiped out, but it seems there is a very dangerous and reclusive tribe left.

It was first a bit weird to read this book from Liam’s perspective, especially after so many books with Rylee in the driving seat. I presume it was more a case of  how I saw Liam through Rylee’s eyes, as this strong silent type and now you are in his head with all his insecurities and internal dialogue. But after a few chapters the compelling plot twists, the very eventful and challenging journey and detailed documented fight scenes had me hooked again. The story, as the others, were fast, action packed with lots of fatal or near fatal injuries – never a dull moment nor an expected outcome for any situation.

Above all odds, the loose ends were neatly pulled together. A good and satisfying story from a brilliant writer who delivers time and again without failure. I’m glad the story continues in these epilogues!


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