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Review of LIAM (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

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Liam was an FBI agent turned wolf shifter and Guardian. The story picks up after the battle against Orion and where the ogre triplets are dying. Liam’s task is to find a willing female ogre to help save the boys. They thought the species was wiped out, but it seems there is a very dangerous and reclusive tribe left.

It was first a bit weird to read this book from Liam’s perspective, especially after so many books with Rylee in the driving seat. I presume it was more a case of  how I saw Liam through Rylee’s eyes, as this strong silent type and now you are in his head with all his insecurities and internal dialogue. But after a few chapters the compelling plot twists, the very eventful and challenging journey and detailed documented fight scenes had me hooked again. The story, as the others, were fast, action packed with lots of fatal or near fatal injuries – never a dull moment nor an expected outcome for any situation.

Above all odds, the loose ends were neatly pulled together. A good and satisfying story from a brilliant writer who delivers time and again without failure. I’m glad the story continues in these epilogues!


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Review of Carter: The Sinner Saints #1 by Adrienne Bell

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Ally Weaver, a reporter, is determined to investigate the murder of one of her confidential sources which only lead her to a violent mess of political corruption. An ex-Special Forces operative, Carter Macmillan, found himself in the middle of this mess and had to work with Ally to stay alive, uncover the conspiracy and expose the truth.

In this contemporary romance, you’ll find comedy, lots of intrigue, anticipation, suspense and excitement. It had a refreshing action-filled story line AND didn’t go the normal route of “finding love, then fight or a big misunderstanding that causes a split-up, then get back together” that you can expect in every romance out there. There were lots of action and destruction as the story unfolds. Even though you know who the corrupt politician is you’re unaware till the very end what secrets he’s trying to protect.

I really enjoyed the book, the characters and the nice blend of romance, comedy and action (well, it had me Googling “how to survive a 2-story fall” just to confirm that you can!).

Even though this is the first book in a series, it can be read as a stand alone.


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Review of RYLEE (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 1) by Shannon Mayer

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I read all the Rylee Adamson Novels (starting with Priceless Book 1) and was really sad when that series ended, but then I was notified of the Epilogues series!! Jay!


In Rylee, The Rylee Adamson Epilogues, Book 1, the story continues from after the final battle. Rylee no longer has her Tracker abilities, but decided to assist in another salvage in order to find a missing girl that is linked to the Elementals’ world. While trying to control her new abilities and unnatural needs, she also tries to survive very dangerous situations.

Another non-stop action packed story, complete with Rylee-like cuss words, determination, no-nonsense attitude and resolve to do good and help others. Her internal struggles to deal with her new situation and darker needs were effortlessly woven into the story and the events actually guided her to “find” herself and her new role. It was an enjoyable read with a few new characters that brought humour and filled the noticeable gaps left by previous characters – so yes, some sad memories tagged at my heart strings too.

I’m looking forward seeing where this series will take us, as there’s lots of potential.


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