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Review of All About You (Love & Hate series #1) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

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India started hating Oliver and making his life miserable after his brother, Christian passed away. This was India’s way of coping with what Christian did to her and to deal with her own personal demons. Two years later, she thought she can start a new life away from her home town, but then she run into a changed Oliver at the university. He makes an ultimatum to India to either leave forever or stay in Braxton where he’ll then humiliate her in return for those years she ruined his life.

In this romance, the author expertly delayed in sharing the real secret India kept to herself and dropped bits and pieces along the way. I was intrigued, but also slightly sad that certain events (or rather a person) could destroy the future of these two individuals and their love for each other. It was really a love-hate relationship with lots of miss-communications and misunderstandings. Even though India’s personality changed due to the unfortunate events in her past, she actually grown into a strong, independent person with clear goals and forgiveness in her heart. The story was entertaining. Expect a cliff-hanger ending in this dark romance.

Click here to access a copy of book 1 (Kindle version was free).


The story continues mostly from Oliver’s perspective in book 2: All About Me (Love & Hate Series #2). Well, this book was aptly titled! Spoiler alert! I was really disappointed and it felt like two different authors wrote Book 1 and 2, not even mentioning the differences in the main characters’ personalities! The kind, but misguided unforgiving Oliver suddenly turned into a really hateful person, very self-absorbed, entitled and irritating. He was nothing like the person India portrayed in Book 1. The f-bomb was dropped in every single sentence and the story was not really captivating … To be honest, I couldn’t even finish it, which is tragic especially due to the quality of the first book (yes, there were some grammatical errors, typos and small inconsistencies, but the story was a worthwhile read). Personally, I would’ve preferred a different ending for Book 1 without even sharing Book 2 with readers … So if you really are interested in reading this series, stop at the end of Book 1 and imagine a happily ever after where their love was greater than and overcome the events of the past. Okay, that’s just my opinion.

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