Review of Wedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk

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Maddie McCarthy, as the maid of honor, desperately needs a date for her sister’s wedding. She finds her solution in Match Made Easy where she hires Trent Montgomery to play her boyfriend. But Trend is actually not working for Match Made Easy. This favor for his cousin quickly developed into something so much more than what either of them expected.

This was a very enjoyable romantic comedy. I found the characters likeable and pleasant. The interactions and situations were funny and entertaining. The chemistry was sizzling hot, with just the right amount of anticipation and introspection on the characters part. Expect some mild innuendos and lots of steaming kisses! (Spoiler alert!) Normally in romances the ex-boyfriend plays a bigger (come back) role, but in this book it was not the case, which was a refreshing change.

A delightful, feel good and sweet romance I can highly recommend to chick lit fans.


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The first book in this series is Fiance by Fate (Anyone But You Book 1). It covers the story of Maddie’s friend, Sabrina – a big believer in fate and predictions – and Jack who is one of the top ten most eligible bachelors. I enjoyed this book as much, but Wedding Date for Hire was slightly better due to its humour. Both these books can be read as a stand alone as they do not contain any mega spoilers.


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