Review of With Silent Screams (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 3) by Steve McHugh

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Nathan Garrett needs to solve another mystery when he was nearly blown up after receiving a cryptic note while examining an old friend’s dead body. A series of grisly murders connected to an imprisoned madman challenge his crime solving and magical abilities. The question is whether he would be in time to prevent more slaughter and a possible war to overtake the throne in Shadow Falls…

Similar to the previous books, two stories play out in different eras. Initially I had to concentrate to keep track of which story is which seeing that it played out in similar areas with the same characters. But otherwise the alteration between the stories were effectively done and shine some light on more recent events, relationships and power struggles.

With Silent Screams is action-packed and gritty with a captivating plot. Luckily Nate has some magical healing abilities as he’s receiving one hell of a beating more than once. Steve McHugh expertly mixed ancient mythology with urban fantasy and provided a real entertaining read.


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