Review of Love You Madly by Ashlee Mallory

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Meredith Sanders, a homecoming queen, made geeky Travis Brennan’s life miserable  in high school. Now she has a few failed marriages behind her and a missing teen aged step-daughter. It seems the only man that can help her investigate this mysterious disappearance is Travis, now a former, hardened SEAL that has a serious dislike in her.

This was a more serious romance full of suspense. For me personally, there were too much focus on the high school drama and subsequent remaining grudges of historic events. And the other adults’ (now all of them involved in the school in some way or the other) reactions and hung-ups were a bit childish at times. It can be irritating at first, but as the story evolved and the danger increases I was pulled into the mysteriousness of Meredith’s step-daughter’s disappearance and the shady inner-workings of the abductors. The last part of the book was full of action, dangerous villains, suspense and traumatic events, which kept me turning pages.


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