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Review of Love You Madly by Ashlee Mallory

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Meredith Sanders, a homecoming queen, made geeky Travis Brennan’s life miserable  in high school. Now she has a few failed marriages behind her and a missing teen aged step-daughter. It seems the only man that can help her investigate this mysterious disappearance is Travis, now a former, hardened SEAL that has a serious dislike in her.

This was a more serious romance full of suspense. For me personally, there were too much focus on the high school drama and subsequent remaining grudges of historic events. And the other adults’ (now all of them involved in the school in some way or the other) reactions and hung-ups were a bit childish at times. It can be irritating at first, but as the story evolved and the danger increases I was pulled into the mysteriousness of Meredith’s step-daughter’s disappearance and the shady inner-workings of the abductors. The last part of the book was full of action, dangerous villains, suspense and traumatic events, which kept me turning pages.


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Review of With Silent Screams (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 3) by Steve McHugh

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Nathan Garrett needs to solve another mystery when he was nearly blown up after receiving a cryptic note while examining an old friend’s dead body. A series of grisly murders connected to an imprisoned madman challenge his crime solving and magical abilities. The question is whether he would be in time to prevent more slaughter and a possible war to overtake the throne in Shadow Falls…

Similar to the previous books, two stories play out in different eras. Initially I had to concentrate to keep track of which story is which seeing that it played out in similar areas with the same characters. But otherwise the alteration between the stories were effectively done and shine some light on more recent events, relationships and power struggles.

With Silent Screams is action-packed and gritty with a captivating plot. Luckily Nate has some magical healing abilities as he’s receiving one hell of a beating more than once. Steve McHugh expertly mixed ancient mythology with urban fantasy and provided a real entertaining read.


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Review of Born of Hatred (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 2) by Steve McHugh

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In this second book, Nathan Garret agreed to help his friend investigating a serial killer. But it seems that even Nate’s powers will not be enough to overcome this bloody killer that was created from dark magic and hatred.

Similar to the first book, Crimes Against Magic, the story plays out in London with historical flashbacks. The flashbacks are actually a story on its own and runs parallel to the current day story – introducing new characters as well as similar villains and indicated whether or not Nate was able to defeat those villains in the past. This increases the uncertainty whether he would be able to defeat the current evil.

The story is action-packed, gritty and full of graphic violence. There are interesting developments and surprises – a great plot overall. More background is provided on Nate, Tommy and Avalon. Nate’s obsession with the character Sara didn’t really fit for me (was more of an irritation to be honest), but I presume she’ll play an important role in future books. There are still some mysteries to be solved as Nate unlocks more of his hidden and unknown powers.


Click here to purchase book 2 of The Hellequin Chronicles.


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