Review of Crimes Against Magic (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 1) by Steve McHugh

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A powerful sorcerer, Nate Garrett, lost his memory ten years ago. He is currently a very successful thief for hire. When one of his jobs went bad, he became the protector of a 16-year old girl. Furthermore, the people closest to him are in danger from those that initially stole his memories. He will be forced to confront his mysterious and forgotten past and enemies.

The story plays out in modern-day London with flashbacks to France during the fifteenth century (effectively integrated). When reading the sample of the book, I was instantly interested and intrigued and bought all 5 books in the series – so far I’m not disappointed.

Nate is a great hero with high moral values, some flaws and serious magical abilities. The plot was well thought out and the flashbacks provided interesting insights about where Nate comes from, his actual abilities and who his initial enemies were. Expect action scenes that lights up your imagination (action movie-worthy), humorous interactions and a bit of ancient Greek mythology thrown in.

I was  impressed when I read that this was Steve McHugh’s debut novel. I’m an instant fan and can highly recommend this book. If you liked the Harry Dresden series (by Jim Butcher), this series is for you.


Click here to purchase Book 1 of The Hellequin Chronicles.


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