Review of House of Whispers (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 5) by JL Bryan



Ellie and Stacey’s latest challenge is to search and remove those ghosts that suddenly turned dangerous and started attacking the guests in the luxurious Lathrop Grant Hotel. The hotel became famous for its nineteenth-century murders and a haunted room, but it seems it also has a few dark secrets with some really powerful and violent entities.

Jaiks, this was a serious case to solve with multiple apparitions – a selection of murderous, misguided, helpful or mischievous spirits all mixed into one. A very engaging plot with really interesting research findings and history about who’s who in the zoo (uhm … I mean in the hotel). It’s always interesting to see how Ellie solves these challenges. Just when you think there’s no way that she’ll manage to remove these evil spirits, she takes daring and revolutionary action to put them where they belong. The story also takes an attention-grabbing turn that in part complicates, but also helps the team on this case.

I enjoyed this novel too and can recommend Book 5 to all the Ellie Jordan fans.


House of Whispers can be purchased by clicking here.


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