Review of The Crawling Darkness (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 3) by JL Bryan



This is book 3 in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series.

Ellie Jordan is a paranormal investigator. A dangerous and powerful spirit, Ellie and Calvin were unable to capture before, is now terrorizing the residents of an apartment building. This elusive entity appears in the form of one’s greatest fear and feeds off that feeling of terror. Together with Stacey, Ellie needs to capture this shape-shifting entity before it drains another victim.

Like this Fear-feeder spirit, the story grabs and holds your attention from the very start. You’ll get some insights into both Stacey and Calvin’s history and fears. Ellie came across as very guarded in the previous books, but as her relationships grow with others, you’ll get glimpses of her true personality. The sharp comebacks and interaction between the teammates are funny and entertaining. Great plot with lots of action, mystery and twists.

You won’t get bored to death (no pun intended) with these mystery-solving stories nor the interesting characters and paranormal entities that are introduced in each book. After this book I’m looking with some apprehension at dark areas …

PS: I noticed a few editing errors, but it’s not really distracting you from the story.


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