Review of Twiceborn Endgame (The Proving Book 3) Kindle Edition by Marina Finlayson




This is the final book in The Proving trilogy and may contain some spoilers if you haven’t read the first two books yet.

Just when you thought Kate O’Connor secured her position as the dragon queen, seven new sisters joined the succession war. An anti-shifter government task force as well as the visiting – and potential new competitor – Japanese queen entered the picture and cause more trouble than Kate expected. To top that off her ex-husband abducted her son which requires some ingenuity to get him back.

This conclusion took unexpected re-directions. No matter how detailed the plans and execution thereof, something or someone else derails them which produces more challenges for Kate. It only strengthens her determination to succeed and to take risky action. The story contains multiple surprises, back stubbing (again!), action scenes and (as I personally predicted based on the “signs” in the second book) a love triangle.

And surprisingly, my anticipated ending moved in a total different direction. A nice satisfactory closing for the series, which I enjoyed.

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