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Review of Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by JL Bryan

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Ellie Jordan is a paranormal detective and ghost exterminator. Her latest client experiences disturbing events in an old mansion they are currently renovating. Initially it seems to be a typical restless spirit situation, but then a very dark, older evil takes over the mansion. Ellie needs to exorcise this dangerous and powerful spirit before it kills her and the new owners of the mansion.

This was an awesome book! The initial interactions with her skeptical client and his transition through the process were typical and expertly done. Ellie’s narrative was amusing at times as well as entertaining. The story of her past increased the tension, strengthen the existence of malevolent spirits and how hazardous ghost busting actually is. The sinister spirits and hauntings become real and pulled me further into the story, eagerly anticipating the next crazy event.

J.L. Bryan masterfully combined the paranormal with a mystery murder investigation. I cannot wait to read more about Ellie and what awaits her next.


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Review of Witch Hunt: An Urban Fantasy Mystery (Preternatural Affairs Book 1) by SM Reine

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Cèsar Hawke believed he was framed for the murder of a waitress. He decided to investigate the murder himself and is looking for a shaman that can speak to the deceased to assist him in proving his innocence.

I was instantly pulled into the story from the first page onward. A plot that was intriguing and full of action. I especially liked the humorous narrative of the main character and his witty analogies. César makes a very unlikely hero, but manages to solve this case in his own dorky way. I was clueless of who the real killer was till the bitter end.

If you like to unwind with a not too serious (and very short) book containing some funny quips, this book is for you. Please note it contains swearing and sexual innuendos.


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Review of Twiceborn Endgame (The Proving Book 3) Kindle Edition by Marina Finlayson

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This is the final book in The Proving trilogy and may contain some spoilers if you haven’t read the first two books yet.

Just when you thought Kate O’Connor secured her position as the dragon queen, seven new sisters joined the succession war. An anti-shifter government task force as well as the visiting – and potential new competitor – Japanese queen entered the picture and cause more trouble than Kate expected. To top that off her ex-husband abducted her son which requires some ingenuity to get him back.

This conclusion took unexpected re-directions. No matter how detailed the plans and execution thereof, something or someone else derails them which produces more challenges for Kate. It only strengthens her determination to succeed and to take risky action. The story contains multiple surprises, back stubbing (again!), action scenes and (as I personally predicted based on the “signs” in the second book) a love triangle.

And surprisingly, my anticipated ending moved in a total different direction. A nice satisfactory closing for the series, which I enjoyed.

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