Review of Twiceborn (The Proving Book 1) by Marina Finlayson




Kate O’Connor is assisting a friend on unorthodox courier jobs. She returned from an urgent job with no memory of the event and finds a werewolf in her kitchen who is trying to kill her. She is suddenly caught up in a supernatural war where the daughters of the dragon queen are fighting to be next in line. Kate’s only hope of survival is to uncover the hidden secret in her memory.

This was an interesting and entertaining story. The flow of the story line was smooth and well-paced. All the characters were convincing and the non-human (cruel and self absorbed) sides of the dragons well reflected.

I liked the internal witty dialogue from Kate, who is realistic, logical and a down-to-earth kind of girl. The memory flashbacks added to the mystery and were intriguing. Even though you probably can figure out how it all fits together early in the book, it was still an interesting and slightly different end than what I imagined.


Click here to purchase a copy of Twiceborn, the first book in the urban fantasy trilogy The Proving.

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