Review of The Twiceborn Queen (The Proving Book 2) by Marina Finlayson



Kate O’Connor’s story continues in Book 2 of the Proving with a bounty on her head. She’s trying to gain more allies in order to defeat her last sister. But the body count increases as the deadly succession game proceeds.

In my opinion, the book can be read as a standalone if you missed Book 1 as lots of references and back story are provided to bring readers up to speed (sometimes too much reiterations for me). Slightly more long-winded than the first book too, but still a great relaxing read that keeps you entertained and curious. So yes, I purchase Book 3 as well.

Expect lots of action, betrayal and a bit of romance. Even though Kate is more comfortable with the “merging”, she still struggles with the strong dragon emotions. And as expected, an unforeseen twist and more trouble for Kate as this book concluded.

PS: Personally I think this series could’ve been one book. Book 1 and 3 were far better written than Book 2. If you took out all the rehashing of what happened in the past, it would have had a cleaner flow and be more captivating to the reader.


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