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Review of M&K Tracking (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Book 4) by Kate Danley

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Maggie and Killian’s new business is now called M&K Tracking. In this book the evil guys try to open a portal from the Dark Dimension to gain free passage to earth.

The interaction, humour and flirtation between Maggie and Killian are still very entertaining. As the story plays out partly in the elf lands, you’ll get to know Killian a little bit better. New magical creatures are being introduced with a good dose of action, adventure and suspense. Perhaps their biggest assignment yet.

I really like this series which is enjoyable and lighthearted – Kate Danley keeps me entertained and wanting more. So yes, I recommend book four too if you prefer a high quality fantasy story mixed with non-stop humour.

WARNING: This book contains cussing.


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Review of Maggie on the Bounty (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Book 3) by Kate Danley

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On Maggie and Killian’s first job as new business partners, they need to look into the disappearance of all the ghosts on the Empress Adelaide cruise ship. They got trapped in a time rift and struggle to escape the past.

This story has a great plot which also covers the overarching story line that is present in the other books. Maggie continues to be witty and hilarious (I received a few raised eyebrows for all my half-suppressed laughter), while taking down the craziest of enemies and getting herself out of sticky situations. I just loved the interplay between Maggie and Killian. This book was an entertaining and enjoyable, action-packed read.

WARNING: This book contains some cursing.


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Review of Maggie Get Your Gun (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Book 2) by Kate Danley

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One of Maggie’s jobs at MacKay & MacKay Magical Tracking is to return wanted monsters to the supernatural dimension via portals from earth. This next adventure involves finding an ancient piece of jewelry that is “to die for”.

Other than Maggie’s family and friends, the book features vampires, werewolves, brownies, ghosts, to name but a few of the Other Side’s creatures. Plus magical artifacts and some other weird stuff. Similarly to the first instalment, Book Two was fun, action-packed and had various interesting plot twists. The constant banter and sarcastic remarks gave more insight into Maggie’s character and provided some comic relief.

The book was great fun and not intended for the too serious urban fanatics out there.

WARNING: This book contains some cursing.


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