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Review of Maggie for Hire (Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Book 1) by Kate Danley

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Maggie MacKay operates in Los Angeles as a magical tracker. Killian, an elf, has an assignment for her which seems to involve her uncle and some vampires. The solution lies in tracking down a secret that disappeared with her father as well as two magical objects.

If you love a combination of humor, lots of action, and a decent plot line, you are at the right place. I enjoyed the book with its entertaining and varied characters. Maggie has grit, is tough, forceful and intriguing. It was a fun and action-packed story.

WARNING: This book contains some serious cuss words.


Click here to access a copy of this book. The first book in the series is free on Kindle at time of writing.




Review of Fire Touched: Mercy Thompson Book 9 by Patricia Briggs

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Mercy, a coyote shapeshifter, and Adam, her Alpha werewolf mate, need to smooth the tensions between the fae and humans in order to prevent an out-and-out war. This include stopping a rampaging troll and protecting a human boy that is fire touched.

I immediately purchase this book when I heard it was released and I wasn’t disappointed. Mercy is fiercely protective of her loved ones and the defenceless. She doesn’t have extreme magical abilities, but is rather an astute born leader that inspire others to follow her lead and right the wrongs.

Similarly to other Mercy Thompson novels, expect thrilling fight scenes and destruction, new characters with their backstories, more involved interpersonal relationships and interesting deeper plots.  It was like visiting an old time favourite friend. Where other books focused more on action, this one delved a little more into the emotional growth of the characters. An unexpected death was really shocking … I’m silently hoping that some fae magic change this situation in the next instalment.

And as always, Patricia’s books have some lessons to share. I also especially like to share the following quote: ‘Death is part of life’, he told her. ‘Without the one, it is hard to have the other…’”  (page 334 on Kindle).

I highly recommend Patricia Briggs’ series (I actually re-read some of her books!!!).


Click here to purchase Fire Touched: Mercy Thompson Book 9.





Review of The Bonding Ritual (Girls Wearing Black: Book Four) by Spencer Baum

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In the fourth and final instalment, Daciana made some changes in the contest, hoping for a more exciting conclusion. Whereas Jill is evaluating her priorities and the potential risks and rewards regarding her involvement, Nicky is on a path of discovery.

(Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait for the release of this book. I obsessively devour all of them in a matter of days, one directly after the other.)

This was indeed a surprising, but perfect ending for the series. Expect interesting romance revelations, as well as difficult situations and decisions for the key characters. Spencer Baum is excellent in creating suspense and keeping his reader audiences captivated. Everything was nicely wrapped up even though it was sad to say goodbye to all these characters.

I (obviously) highly recommend this series and this book.


Click here to purchase The Bonding Ritual.


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