Review of The Rose Ransom (Girls Wearing Black: Book Three) by Spencer Baum




The next event in the Coronation contest is The Rose Ransom where the entire class needs to search for a kidnapped girl. Jill learned of a murder scene at the Bloom mansion which could jeopardize the entire mission. On top of that she also uncovers a conspiracy which indicates that this could be perhaps more than a game.

This is truly an original concept and the outcomes of each of these contests are really unexpected. The game is getting more complicated and interesting. Both Jill and Nicky are important players that expertly contribute to the story line from their unique perspectives. I couldn’t move quickly enough through each section to find out what happens to the other character.

Another gripping book in the Girls Wearing Black series. A highly recommended series indeed!


Click here to purchase Book 3: The Rose Ransom.


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