Review of The Kasari Nexus (Rho Agenda Assimilation) by Richard Phillips



This book follows  after The Rho Agenda series but can also be read as a standalone (historic events are effectively interwoven into the current story line without repeating too much, but I bet after reading this you’ll go back to the first series!).

Jennifer Smythe escapes earth through a wormhole on a hijacked alien starship just to be captured by the Koranthians on Scion. The Koranthians is in war with the Kasari who is also trying to invade and conquer earth. On earth, the struggle between the global government that’s pro-Kasari  and a rebel fraction with the help of Mark and Heather with their mind-altering skills, continues.

I was very glad when Book One of the new series was released. The previous series ended on a slightly sad note with the hope that maybe, just maybe Jennifer managed to survive that wormhole trip.

This book didn’t disappoint. The multiple characters can be complex and the shifting between different scenes and characters’ stories may be disorientating for some, but it actually added to the suspense and kept me reading faster to learn what happens next. The story focused more in detail on Jennifer’s journey and growth, but less so on Mark and Heather. None the less you’ll get a great understanding of the extend of the conspiracy on earth, all the personal agendas of the key players, as well as where Jack gets his powers from. Expect a good dose of science fiction, the galaxy and new interesting extraterrestrial worlds. And don’t miss the physical/military and cyber action and warfare – (spoiler alert!) a few close calls and potential deaths will have you stressed out.

A great book indeed! Cannot wait for the next installment.

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