Review of Deceived (The Mindspeak Series Book 5) by Heather Sunseri



Both Briana Howard and Jonas Whitmeyer are very smart human clones with supernatural abilities. Other than trying to sort out their love life and running from their enemies, they need to solve the mystery of dying young clones as well as uncover very dark family secrets.

This was a very entertaining love story, which was effortlessly intertwined with unexpected obstacles, deceit, danger and a few new villains. I think the stubborn Jonas met his match with the passionate Briana. Both these characters were very likable and I enjoyed the journey of their personal growth  – especially when reading it from their different perspectives. The story was creative and sufficient background information was provided to keep you up to date with past developments (that is, if you haven’t read the previous books … or did so a while back).

I really enjoyed the story, the chemistry between the main characters as well as the subtle way small life’s lessons were shared through the characters. This was a light, fun and charming read which I can recommend.


Click here to purchase Book 5 in The Mindspeak Series.


PS: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review (on Amazon).



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