Review of Butterface by Gwen Hayes



Beth was born with hemifacial microsomia, which left her with facial scars after her surgery. Even though she isn’t as disfigured as some people, she’s still nursing deeper scars on the inside. Lucky O’Leary starts befriending her, but then he’s pressured by his sport team members to take her as a date to a “dog dinner”, where a prize will be given to the guy with the ugliest date.

This Young Adult short story immediately intrigued me when I read the description and it didn’t disappoint. The author expertly shared the story in only 8,000 words, without over analyzing everything nor loosing any key parts or details of these two character’s journey of self-discovery and self-love.

The book touches on various aspects, such as the cruelty of human beings, how people conform to peer pressure as well as what is considered as being beautiful. But the following two quotes from the book stand out for me:

“It was one thing to hide behind your own armor, but it was something else to be hidden.” (Kindle Locations 371-372).

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It helps. But time can’t do it by itself. If you pretend you don’t have a wound, for instance, there’s very little time can do for the wound except allow it to fester.”  (Kindle Locations 458-460).

Do yourself a favor and take an hour or less to read this really special book!


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