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Review of The Rose Ransom (Girls Wearing Black: Book Three) by Spencer Baum

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The next event in the Coronation contest is The Rose Ransom where the entire class needs to search for a kidnapped girl. Jill learned of a murder scene at the Bloom mansion which could jeopardize the entire mission. On top of that she also uncovers a conspiracy which indicates that this could be perhaps more than a game.

This is truly an original concept and the outcomes of each of these contests are really unexpected. The game is getting more complicated and interesting. Both Jill and Nicky are important players that expertly contribute to the story line from their unique perspectives. I couldn’t move quickly enough through each section to find out what happens to the other character.

Another gripping book in the Girls Wearing Black series. A highly recommended series indeed!


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Review of The Festival of the Moon (Girls Wearing Black: Book Two) by Spencer Baum

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The Festival of the Moon is the second event in the Coronation contest and involves an uncontrolled party in the woods followed by a date auction.

A true page turner full of backstabbing, gossip, intrigue and espionage. Indeed a captivating book which effectively builds suspense and provides some interesting twists. The characters are fascinating and strong. Some secrets are revealed and more questions raised. A great continuation from the first instalment. It was just over too quickly (finished in one sitting!).

A fantastic story and a recommended must read.


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Review of The Homecoming Masquerade (Girls Wearing Black: Book One) by Spencer Baum

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The vampires have created a game where any girl wearing a black dress at the Homecoming, enters herself into a contest. The winner of the Coronation contest will become a vampire and the loser will be the first victim of this new immortal. It is expected that only the most connected and wealthiest girls stand a chance to win. Everyone was surprised when the new girl, Nicky Bloom, also arrived in a black dress. Does she have a death wish or is there more to her than meets the eye?

What a refreshing change – not your typical swoon worthy vampire-lead story line. The book immediately starts with the first event of the Coronation contest – the homecoming masquerade – and the story is told from the view of the two main characters, Jill and Nicky. The plot is flowing and evolving, and kept me engaged. Lots of background information was provided which set the scene for the next instalment. Well, I was suitably intrigued to continue with the next book to follow the contest and hidden agendas of all parties involved.

Totally satisfying read and a surprising new author find!


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Review of Butterface by Gwen Hayes

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Beth was born with hemifacial microsomia, which left her with facial scars after her surgery. Even though she isn’t as disfigured as some people, she’s still nursing deeper scars on the inside. Lucky O’Leary starts befriending her, but then he’s pressured by his sport team members to take her as a date to a “dog dinner”, where a prize will be given to the guy with the ugliest date.

This Young Adult short story immediately intrigued me when I read the description and it didn’t disappoint. The author expertly shared the story in only 8,000 words, without over analyzing everything nor loosing any key parts or details of these two character’s journey of self-discovery and self-love.

The book touches on various aspects, such as the cruelty of human beings, how people conform to peer pressure as well as what is considered as being beautiful. But the following two quotes from the book stand out for me:

“It was one thing to hide behind your own armor, but it was something else to be hidden.” (Kindle Locations 371-372).

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It helps. But time can’t do it by itself. If you pretend you don’t have a wound, for instance, there’s very little time can do for the wound except allow it to fester.”  (Kindle Locations 458-460).

Do yourself a favor and take an hour or less to read this really special book!


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Review of The Kasari Nexus (Rho Agenda Assimilation) by Richard Phillips

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This book follows  after The Rho Agenda series but can also be read as a standalone (historic events are effectively interwoven into the current story line without repeating too much, but I bet after reading this you’ll go back to the first series!).

Jennifer Smythe escapes earth through a wormhole on a hijacked alien starship just to be captured by the Koranthians on Scion. The Koranthians is in war with the Kasari who is also trying to invade and conquer earth. On earth, the struggle between the global government that’s pro-Kasari  and a rebel fraction with the help of Mark and Heather with their mind-altering skills, continues.

I was very glad when Book One of the new series was released. The previous series ended on a slightly sad note with the hope that maybe, just maybe Jennifer managed to survive that wormhole trip.

This book didn’t disappoint. The multiple characters can be complex and the shifting between different scenes and characters’ stories may be disorientating for some, but it actually added to the suspense and kept me reading faster to learn what happens next. The story focused more in detail on Jennifer’s journey and growth, but less so on Mark and Heather. None the less you’ll get a great understanding of the extend of the conspiracy on earth, all the personal agendas of the key players, as well as where Jack gets his powers from. Expect a good dose of science fiction, the galaxy and new interesting extraterrestrial worlds. And don’t miss the physical/military and cyber action and warfare – (spoiler alert!) a few close calls and potential deaths will have you stressed out.

A great book indeed! Cannot wait for the next installment.

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Review of Deceived (The Mindspeak Series Book 5) by Heather Sunseri

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Both Briana Howard and Jonas Whitmeyer are very smart human clones with supernatural abilities. Other than trying to sort out their love life and running from their enemies, they need to solve the mystery of dying young clones as well as uncover very dark family secrets.

This was a very entertaining love story, which was effortlessly intertwined with unexpected obstacles, deceit, danger and a few new villains. I think the stubborn Jonas met his match with the passionate Briana. Both these characters were very likable and I enjoyed the journey of their personal growth  – especially when reading it from their different perspectives. The story was creative and sufficient background information was provided to keep you up to date with past developments (that is, if you haven’t read the previous books … or did so a while back).

I really enjoyed the story, the chemistry between the main characters as well as the subtle way small life’s lessons were shared through the characters. This was a light, fun and charming read which I can recommend.


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PS: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review (on Amazon).



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