Review of Wormhole (The Rho Agenda Book 3) by Richard Phillips



With the Rho Project’s lead scientist imprisoned, a new threat was discovered. A scientific anomaly that can destroy the earth and that can only be stopped by the Rho Project’s technology. Dr Stephenson agrees to assist, but his wormhole project is concealing the initial agenda of the alien Rho Ship. In this explosive conclusion the trio entered their ultimate battle as they need to infiltrate and try to stop the wormhole project.

The last book in the series is another page turner full of terrific and thrilling action. There is a logical flow with sufficient detail to effectively pull you in and keep you spell-bound. The characters have substance and comes across as believable in their reactions. The technical aspects (physics and federal government inner workings) were believable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was partly disappointed that it was the final episode of The Rho Agenda, as I wanted more! A satisfying end even though (spoiler alert!) there was a very sad and shocking turn of events.


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Great news for fans of this series, the story continues in:

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The Meridian Ascent (Rho Agenda Assimilation Book 3) – click here to purchase/pre-order

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