Review of Rootbound (The Elemental Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer



Larkspur, an Elemental, returns from a 25-year banishment only to find the Elemental families full of violence, deception and madness. The mother goddess asked her to recover the four stones initially entrusted to the leaders of the Elemental families. Larkspur uncovers many secrets on this journey and had to face various obstacles as well as stop her nemesis. Furthermore, will Larkspur’s true love be the same, once she manages to find him?

Shannon Mayer just has the ability to pull you into her stories, hold you tight and don’t let go till the bitter end. Phew, then you can release that breath you didn’t even realised you’ve been holding. But then again, she also leaves you hanging and wanting more!

This was a really interesting journey with Lark. She had to face numerous enemies and dangers as well as deal with her internal emotional struggles while grieving lost loved ones. The innovative plot was expertly told and … there was a totally unexpected twist with an enemy that is far worst and stronger than initially anticipated. Book 5 was big on action and deception, low on romance and has very creative Lark-style “non-swearing” that was entertaining.

This book, which is very aptly named, is not to be missed! AND (dramatic pause) apparently a full length story about Ash while Lark was in the Oubliette, is coming soon in August 2016. Can’t wait!


Click here to purchase Rootbound, Book 5 in The Elemental Series.



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