Review of In Too Deep (The #Hackers Series Book 2) by Sherry D. Ficklin



On the anniversary of Farris Barnett’s mother’s death, she found the dead body of one of their classmates. She received cryptic messages indicating that it was not a suicide. Together with her friends they discover some serious secrets and identified various potential subjects. In the end they decided to confront the real killer.

The second novel started with an unexpected development and change in main characters, which resulted in emotional introspection for Farris. Even though there was some predictability in the story line, there was sufficient mystery to keep me reading. Sherry Ficklin has a great writing style and there is an easy flow to her story telling.

And, jeepers, the end was really unexpected, especially when book 1 was nicely wrapped up, so I half expected the same …


Click here to access book 2 of The #Hackers Series. (Kindle version was free at time of writing)


If you liked this book, the story continues in Digital Horizon (The #Hackers Series Book 3).


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