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Review of Wormhole (The Rho Agenda Book 3) by Richard Phillips

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With the Rho Project’s lead scientist imprisoned, a new threat was discovered. A scientific anomaly that can destroy the earth and that can only be stopped by the Rho Project’s technology. Dr Stephenson agrees to assist, but his wormhole project is concealing the initial agenda of the alien Rho Ship. In this explosive conclusion the trio entered their ultimate battle as they need to infiltrate and try to stop the wormhole project.

The last book in the series is another page turner full of terrific and thrilling action. There is a logical flow with sufficient detail to effectively pull you in and keep you spell-bound. The characters have substance and comes across as believable in their reactions. The technical aspects (physics and federal government inner workings) were believable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was partly disappointed that it was the final episode of The Rho Agenda, as I wanted more! A satisfying end even though (spoiler alert!) there was a very sad and shocking turn of events.


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Great news for fans of this series, the story continues in:

The Kasari Nexus (Rho Agenda Assimilation Book 1) click here to purchase

The Altreian Enigma (Rho Agenda Assimilation Book 2) click here to purchase

The Meridian Ascent (Rho Agenda Assimilation Book 3) – click here to purchase/pre-order

Review of Immune (The Rho Agenda Book 2) by Richard Phillips

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Immune is the second book in The Rho Agenda.

The Rho Project has infiltrated the US government and the freely available alien nano-serum (disguised as a miracle cure) is actually killing people. Any opposition to the Project is taken out by an assassin, El Chupacabra. Heather McFarland, Mark and Jennifer Smythe need to understand their unique abilities while staying ahead of the assassin and trying to stop the Rho Project from altering human DNA.

Richard Phillips is indeed a very skillful sci-fi writer! The story line was engaging and unique, the main characters well-developed and believable with more villains to increase the intrigue and adrenaline. The non-stop action kept me on the edge of my seat. If possible, this book is even better than the first – and a bit darker.

Excellent and interesting reading and a book and series I can highly recommend.


Purchase your copy of Immune by clicking here.



Review of The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda Book 1) by Richard Phillips

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An alien starship fell in 1948 and since then, the US military tried to reverse engineer the alien technology on the ship. The top-secret research project was known as the Rho Project.

The second ship, hidden and buried inside a remote canyon, was accidentally discovered by a trio of students. The alien technology was uploaded into the minds of these students which changed them forever. With the NSA black-ops team on their case, they are forced into a world full of violence, corruption and secrets.

What a refreshing book. I was totally captivated and enjoyed every minute of it – not your normal alien story. It was fast paced, featured in-depth and interesting characters and covered some interesting and impressive alien technology.

Inventive, imaginative with top quality writing. A book and series I highly recommend.


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Review of In Too Deep (The #Hackers Series Book 2) by Sherry D. Ficklin

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On the anniversary of Farris Barnett’s mother’s death, she found the dead body of one of their classmates. She received cryptic messages indicating that it was not a suicide. Together with her friends they discover some serious secrets and identified various potential subjects. In the end they decided to confront the real killer.

The second novel started with an unexpected development and change in main characters, which resulted in emotional introspection for Farris. Even though there was some predictability in the story line, there was sufficient mystery to keep me reading. Sherry Ficklin has a great writing style and there is an easy flow to her story telling.

And, jeepers, the end was really unexpected, especially when book 1 was nicely wrapped up, so I half expected the same …


Click here to access book 2 of The #Hackers Series. (Kindle version was free at time of writing)


If you liked this book, the story continues in Digital Horizon (The #Hackers Series Book 3).


Review of Playing with Fire (The #Hackers Series Book 1) by Sherry D. Ficklin

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Farris is a young and talented hacker. She relocated with her father to an experimental government aircraft facility. As the security of the fleet is compromised and to protect her father, she decided to investigate a series of computer glitches to identify the cyber criminal before the events escalate to something more serious, like murder.

This is the first novel of the Hacker series. The book is well written, full of mystery and action with a little bit of romance thrown in.  One can relate to the characters and the events are believable. The book was slow on building suspense as it covered quite a bit on the high school drama and different characters, but none the less a good read. There are no cliffhanger endings or major surprises and can be read as a stand alone.

I was actually in two minds to purchase book 2, but I was glad I did. But that review is for another day.

At time of writing the kindle version was free – click here to download a copy of the first novel.


Review of Rootbound (The Elemental Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer

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Larkspur, an Elemental, returns from a 25-year banishment only to find the Elemental families full of violence, deception and madness. The mother goddess asked her to recover the four stones initially entrusted to the leaders of the Elemental families. Larkspur uncovers many secrets on this journey and had to face various obstacles as well as stop her nemesis. Furthermore, will Larkspur’s true love be the same, once she manages to find him?

Shannon Mayer just has the ability to pull you into her stories, hold you tight and don’t let go till the bitter end. Phew, then you can release that breath you didn’t even realised you’ve been holding. But then again, she also leaves you hanging and wanting more!

This was a really interesting journey with Lark. She had to face numerous enemies and dangers as well as deal with her internal emotional struggles while grieving lost loved ones. The innovative plot was expertly told and … there was a totally unexpected twist with an enemy that is far worst and stronger than initially anticipated. Book 5 was big on action and deception, low on romance and has very creative Lark-style “non-swearing” that was entertaining.

This book, which is very aptly named, is not to be missed! AND (dramatic pause) apparently a full length story about Ash while Lark was in the Oubliette, is coming soon in August 2016. Can’t wait!


Click here to purchase Rootbound, Book 5 in The Elemental Series.



Review of Norma Jean’s School of Witchery, Book Two: Ghost School by Rose Montague

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In book 2, Jewel is contracted by a government’s agency to search for and recover a stolen magical device. She needs to fight an army of Zombies and one adventure (and obstacle) follows another.

The magic continues in this book and you won’t be disappointed. Expect lots of surprises, non-stop action and a heroin with some incredible abilities. There is great interaction between all the characters and a nice flow of interesting events. One unexpected twist was on the romance side – well, what else is expected from the young to quickly fall in and out of love?

Indeed an exciting and enjoyable book. Where’s the next one??


Click here to purchase Book Two: Ghost School.



Review of Norma Jean’s School of Witchery: Book One: Jewel by Rose Montague

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Jewel struggled with the most basic spells. It becomes difficult to hide her true magical talents while solving a murder and getting weak in the knees for a swoon-worthy guy.

This book was recommended to me by someone else and what an amazing find. It has an exciting plot, a strong female lead and some interesting characters. Expect some awesome fight scenes, humor and romance. The story gave a more positive view on witchery which was refreshing. I finished this book within one sitting and eagerly started on Book 2!


Click here if you are interested to purchase the book.


Click here for Book 2: Ghost School


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