Review of The Trouble with Flirting (The Trouble Series Book 2) by Rachel Morgan



This is the second book in the Trouble series, but it can be read as a stand alone even though it contains some minor spoilers of the previous book.


Alivia (Livi) Howard enters her first year of university (in South Africa) with plans to join the popular crowd and perhaps get hooked up with a hot new boyfriend while leaving the nerd-label behind. But all this wasn’t as she expected.

I started off with Rachel Morgan’s fantasy series (Creepy Hollow), fell in love with her writing and creative mind and decided to try out her romance novels. I wasn’t disappointed! And I must confess The Trouble with Flirting is my favourite of this series. A swoon-worthy contemporary romance with many comical and cheerful moments.

The main character can come across as a bit shallow, but it fits well with the story line of redefining oneself and the road to personal discovery and happiness. There was some really funny situations and the innocence of a first love was beautifully captured (and adorable).


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The suggested reading order for the Trouble Series, is:
–  The Trouble with Flying – click here
–  The Trouble with Flirting – featured in this review
–  The Trouble with Faking – click here

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