Review of Spy Another Day Prequel Box Set by Jordan McCollum



In this box set you’ll help dismantle the latest spy threats with CIA operative, Talia Reynolds while managing her relationships with her co-worker Elliott Monteith and Danny Fluker, an aerospace engineer.

In Spy Noon, Talia needs to track down a dangerous counter-spy in Canada. The competition between her and her co-worker, Elliott, provides an interesting take on how their relationship developed which set the scene for future books. A great spy novel that’s witty and entertaining.

In Mr. Nice Spy, the story focuses on Elliott Monteith and Shanna, his longtime fiancé who forced Elliott to get his priorities straight. Together with Talia, he needs to identify an elusive leak at the American embassy. You can expect a lot of spy action and some clean romance. Well thought out plot with a few twists and strong characters.

The last full-length novel is Spy by Night. In this prequel, Talia needs to track down a dangerous Russian spy ring by donning various disguises and covers. The romance between her and Danny is challenging all her preconceived notions about marriage and she struggles in letting her guard down and him fully into her life. The interaction between the two characters and how Talia tries to keep her secret life separate from her love life, was funny and enhanced the story.

This book offered espionage, humor, suspense and romance in all the right quantities.

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