Review of Her Backup Boyfriend (Sorensen Family) by Ashlee Mallory



Kate Matthews is a lawyer with a career plan. To come in line for a promotion at work she needs to proof that she has a balanced lifestyle which is not just centered around work; and to show that she’s over her ex, who gets engaged, she fabricated a new boyfriend. The charming Dominic Sorensen offered to renovate her home on top of being the stand-in boyfriend in exchange for pro bono work in a divorce case. But they didn’t expect the sizzling sexual chemistry …

It was a delightful romance with believable characters, which I really enjoyed. The story had a great build up with witty interactions and entertaining story line. Both Kate and Dominique have issues to work through and to discover what really matters to them. The secondary characters were likable, enhanced the story and created the necessary tension in playing out the little white lie. The sexual chemistry created anticipation without going into too much graphical sexual scenes.

I definitely recommend it.


Click here to download a copy of Her Backup Boyfriend. The Kindle version was free on date of publishing.


This is the first book in a 2 book series. The second book in the Sorensen Family series covers Dominic’s brother and Kate’s best friend in Her Accidental Husband.

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