Review of Her Accidental Husband (Sorensen Family) by Ashlee Mallory



This is the second book in the Sorensen Family series but can also be read as a standalone. Expect minor spoilers for book 1 in the series.


The trip to Puerto Vallarta for Payton Vaughn’s best friend’s wedding was a welcome escape, especially from her overbearing mother and her unfaithful fiancé. Unfortunately Payton’s flight has been cancelled and she has to share a tiny car with the irritating, but gorgeous best man. Even though Payton is the future daughter-in-law of a new big client, Cruz Sorensen doesn’t look forward to babysit Payton whom he sees as a spoiled socialite. But after a night of too much tequila they wake up not only to a mega hangover but as husband and wife.

This was a sweet, fun and refreshing romance. The way the story unfolded was interesting and captivating. The main characters were strong and totally opposites of each other, but have great chemistry. The secondary characters were believable and the interactions amusing. The unintended union has it’s own complications, not to mention the attraction for each other, their separate future plans and interference from family.

I was entertained from begging to end. And yes, I recommend this book too.


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