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Review of The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook by Josie Brown

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This is the first book of the Housewife Assassin Series. What an entertaining and funny mystery, full of secrets, government-sanctioned assignments, awesome gadgets, terrorism, murder, suspense and scandals. Not to forget the super handy household tips.

A very humorous account of the secret life of Donna Stone. You won’t be able to put it down.


Download your free Kindle version by clicking here.


If you are in the mood for more humor and ridiculousness, check out The Housewife Assassin’s Guide to Gracious Killing (Book 2) where a rogue operative wants to assassinate a newly elected Russian president at a nuclear arms summit held in America. There is some interesting twists and lots of confusion, action and love triangles. Also a fun and relaxing book.



Review of Saints & Spies by Jordan McCollum

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After a priest was murdered, Special Agent Zach Saint goes undercover as Father Tim O’Rourke to uncover the mob’s possible involvement in the murder. Molly Malone, the secretary of the Catholic parish, gets involved but hinder more than help Agent Saint in this murder investigation.

The story expertly combines the mob’s extortion and embezzlement with a sweet love story while bringing in religion in a natural way. It has an interesting plot, full of twists and suspense. The characters are real and strong while providing some heartfelt emotion and humor. A relaxed and entertaining romance.


To obtain a copy of Sants & Spies, click here.




Review of The Changelings (War of the Fae Book 1) by Elle Casey

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Jayne Sparks and her shy best friend, Tony Green, together with a group of runaway teens are hijacked and sent into a strange forest. Several creatures and incidents challenge their survival.

An interesting story line with a few twists, contains mild violence but unfortunately significant foul language. All the characters were nicely developed and all the puzzle pieces come together in the end. It was a good book and an easy read.

The first book is free on kindle and available here.


The saga continues in Call to Arms (War of the Fae Book 2) where a newly changed elemental fae, an incubus, green elf, water sprite, pixie and a daemon prepares for a battle with the Dark Fae.


Review of Spy Another Day Prequel Box Set by Jordan McCollum

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In this box set you’ll help dismantle the latest spy threats with CIA operative, Talia Reynolds while managing her relationships with her co-worker Elliott Monteith and Danny Fluker, an aerospace engineer.

In Spy Noon, Talia needs to track down a dangerous counter-spy in Canada. The competition between her and her co-worker, Elliott, provides an interesting take on how their relationship developed which set the scene for future books. A great spy novel that’s witty and entertaining.

In Mr. Nice Spy, the story focuses on Elliott Monteith and Shanna, his longtime fiancé who forced Elliott to get his priorities straight. Together with Talia, he needs to identify an elusive leak at the American embassy. You can expect a lot of spy action and some clean romance. Well thought out plot with a few twists and strong characters.

The last full-length novel is Spy by Night. In this prequel, Talia needs to track down a dangerous Russian spy ring by donning various disguises and covers. The romance between her and Danny is challenging all her preconceived notions about marriage and she struggles in letting her guard down and him fully into her life. The interaction between the two characters and how Talia tries to keep her secret life separate from her love life, was funny and enhanced the story.

This book offered espionage, humor, suspense and romance in all the right quantities.

Click here to purchase your copy of the box set.

Review of Siege (Warrior Chronicles #5) (Volume 5) by K.F. Breene

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A new release!!

The battle continues, with the final battle imminent. Everyone is waiting in anticipation of what to expect next from Xandre, the Being Supreme, as well as the Chosen. Will Santi and Cayan’s skills and armed forces be enough to overcome the forces Xandre started to accumulate as he slowly took control over the entire land? And will the Chosen be the catalyst leading those being oppressed to freedom?

Again, a nail biting non-stop action story filled with interesting characters, funny moments, witty dialogue and extremely detailed descriptive action scenes. Reading some events from another character’s perspective and dealing with their emotions, uncertainly and bravery pulled me in further and made me feel part of the Chosen’s army. I just loved the interactions between the different characters and the romance that blossomed between Santi and Cayan. Even if it feels the odds are against them as the Graygual they encounter is getting better and more difficult to defeat, there is still hope …

I had one eye on the location indicator on my kindle device and was constantly thinking “No, no! It can’t be!” as I move closer to the end of the book. Obviously, I cannot wait for the next installment.

In parting, herewith a motivational quote from the book (and Captain): Overcoming fear is the best way to gain confidence. Skirting fear is the fastest way to a hollow bravado.” *

Grab your copy now or start the series if you haven’t done so yet – highly entertaining and recommended!


Click here to order the book.


*Breene, K.F., Siege (The Warrior Chronicles, 5) (Kindle Locations 974-975). Hazy Dawn Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Review of Her Accidental Husband (Sorensen Family) by Ashlee Mallory

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This is the second book in the Sorensen Family series but can also be read as a standalone. Expect minor spoilers for book 1 in the series.


The trip to Puerto Vallarta for Payton Vaughn’s best friend’s wedding was a welcome escape, especially from her overbearing mother and her unfaithful fiancé. Unfortunately Payton’s flight has been cancelled and she has to share a tiny car with the irritating, but gorgeous best man. Even though Payton is the future daughter-in-law of a new big client, Cruz Sorensen doesn’t look forward to babysit Payton whom he sees as a spoiled socialite. But after a night of too much tequila they wake up not only to a mega hangover but as husband and wife.

This was a sweet, fun and refreshing romance. The way the story unfolded was interesting and captivating. The main characters were strong and totally opposites of each other, but have great chemistry. The secondary characters were believable and the interactions amusing. The unintended union has it’s own complications, not to mention the attraction for each other, their separate future plans and interference from family.

I was entertained from begging to end. And yes, I recommend this book too.


Click here to purchase this book.


Review of Invasion (The Warrior Chronicles, 4) by K.F. Breene

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Another bestseller!

In Invasion the Hunter doesn’t want to admit defeat. Even though the title of Chosen is secured, a new deadly power rises. Shanti and Cayan have their hands full to safeguard their freedom and protect the Westwood Lands occupants from torture and eventual death.

What an awesome and thrilling book! Movie-worthy and action packed scenes so well described and detailed that I couldn’t sit still reading (was a bit energized, I must confess). And non-stop! The author’s imagination and strategic thinking left me overwhelmed. The loyalty of the team to the main characters were note worthy and enhanced the battle scenes as well as warms the heart. A powerful, fast and fascinating installment. I highly recommend this book and series.

(Please, please write faster!)


Click here to purchase your copy of Book 4 of The Warrior Chronicles.


Review of Scarlett (A Creepy Hollow Story) by Rachel Morgan

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This was a welcome surprise release from Rachel Morgan and a companion story to the Creepy Hollow series.

Horrified for nearly killing her boyfriend when her dormant magic awakens, Beth flees to the fae realm to find sanctuary with her siren mother. But unfortunately she’s cast out again from the community when they realised her deadly powers cannot be controlled. Beth is then rescued by a group of witches who offered to help her, but will they be able to and at what cost …?

It was actually nice to get the backstory on one of the secondary characters in the series. Even though the story was short, it didn’t lack any of the trademark brilliance of Rachel Morgan. The story line had an easy flow, with events and twists following non-stop. Beth had me rooted for her and I had empathy for this strong, magical creature that faced and overcome the one challenge after the other. The book is spoiler free even though there were brief appearance from three characters.

I’m now even more eager to read A Faerie’s Curse (Creepy Hollow Book 6) where Scarlett will apparently play a bigger role.


Click here to purchase this book.





Review of Her Backup Boyfriend (Sorensen Family) by Ashlee Mallory

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Kate Matthews is a lawyer with a career plan. To come in line for a promotion at work she needs to proof that she has a balanced lifestyle which is not just centered around work; and to show that she’s over her ex, who gets engaged, she fabricated a new boyfriend. The charming Dominic Sorensen offered to renovate her home on top of being the stand-in boyfriend in exchange for pro bono work in a divorce case. But they didn’t expect the sizzling sexual chemistry …

It was a delightful romance with believable characters, which I really enjoyed. The story had a great build up with witty interactions and entertaining story line. Both Kate and Dominique have issues to work through and to discover what really matters to them. The secondary characters were likable, enhanced the story and created the necessary tension in playing out the little white lie. The sexual chemistry created anticipation without going into too much graphical sexual scenes.

I definitely recommend it.


Click here to download a copy of Her Backup Boyfriend. The Kindle version was free on date of publishing.


This is the first book in a 2 book series. The second book in the Sorensen Family series covers Dominic’s brother and Kate’s best friend in Her Accidental Husband.

Review of The Trouble with Flirting (The Trouble Series Book 2) by Rachel Morgan

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This is the second book in the Trouble series, but it can be read as a stand alone even though it contains some minor spoilers of the previous book.


Alivia (Livi) Howard enters her first year of university (in South Africa) with plans to join the popular crowd and perhaps get hooked up with a hot new boyfriend while leaving the nerd-label behind. But all this wasn’t as she expected.

I started off with Rachel Morgan’s fantasy series (Creepy Hollow), fell in love with her writing and creative mind and decided to try out her romance novels. I wasn’t disappointed! And I must confess The Trouble with Flirting is my favourite of this series. A swoon-worthy contemporary romance with many comical and cheerful moments.

The main character can come across as a bit shallow, but it fits well with the story line of redefining oneself and the road to personal discovery and happiness. There was some really funny situations and the innocence of a first love was beautifully captured (and adorable).


Click here to purchase book 2 in The Trouble Series.



The suggested reading order for the Trouble Series, is:
–  The Trouble with Flying – click here
–  The Trouble with Flirting – featured in this review
–  The Trouble with Faking – click here

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