Review of UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 1) by Chanda Hahn



Mina Grime, a High School student, is descended from the Brothers Grimm. She inherited an old family curse with all their unfinished fairy tales. Her task is to outwit a powerful Story and to break the family curse, or else she’ll be the Story’s next victim.

What an interesting new take on old fairy tales. I enjoyed this book irrespective of the grammatical and spelling mistakes (the latter actually resulted in a few bad book reviews from other readers I noticed).

Chanda Hahn is a very talented and imaginative author and the second book, Fairest, was so much better and actually has a great plot and introduces new rules to Mina’s quests.


Click here to access UnEnchanted.


Worth mentioning is  a standalone short story that takes place between Book 1 and 2. It provides some of the events from Jared’s perspective and more insight on his character. You can purchase Jared’s Quest: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Short Story by clicking here.

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