Review of Reign (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 4) by Chanda Hahn





In this unfortunate fairy tale, Mina needs to save her family’s future as the Grimms are fading from existence. She travels to the past with a pair of magic shoes and the assistance of her Fae Godmother. Mina needs to complete this new quest within a certain time period or she will be trapped there forever.

This was an interesting change to the other books and nature of Mina’s quests. You’ll get to know the other characters better and gain an understanding of how certain events shaped their future actions. For me this was the most captivating book in the series as it exceeded my expectations. It contains a well thought-out plot with a curious love triangle.

Entertaining and fascinating!


Click here to purchase your copy of Reign, Book 4.


The story sadly draws to a close in Book 5, Forever. Click here to purchase your copy.



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