Review of Hunted (The Warrior Chronicles, 2) by K.F. Breene




After freeing her brother, Rohnan, and a unknown stranger from a Graygual camp, Shanti  returns to Cayan. The unknown stranger seems very precious to the enemy. Subsequent to the rescue mission, Shanti catches the attention of the Hunter – a superior officer who always finds his targets. The question is whether Shanti could remain elusive while the danger increases and one of the best is hunting her.

Similarly to the first book, I couldn’t put it down. My heart was racing while I “joined” the never ending fighting and action scenes. The characters are exciting and come alive which left me rooting for them or cheering when they defeat their enemy. An excellent follow-up on Chosen and more unexpected events for our fiercely, determined female warrior. Another great book that captures her journey to the Shadow Lands and the trials awaiting the Chosen one.

I highly recommend this impressive series and Book 2. Warning, you may become addicted!!


Click here to purchase the second book in The Warrior Chronicles series.




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