Review of Windburn (The Elemental Series Book 4) by Shannon Mayer



This story is slightly different from the other elements (covered in book 1-3), as it only touched lightly on the air elementals’ world and their power.

The search for the missing King actually evolved into a bigger story. Larkspur needed to find a Tracker to pinpoint the King’s whereabouts and it was interesting how the author incorporated events and characters from another series into this one. It builds on previous and future events, especially if you’ve read the other series too.

Unfortunately this book left me somewhat wanting. Not sure if the timeline was a bit forced to fit in with the Rylee Adamson Novel series, but the (spoiler alert!) two-year time jump was a bit of a shocker. Don’t get me wrong, a great plot, very evil foes, lots of fast-paced action and interesting developments, but the latter part of the book felt a bit rushed.

… and I’d prefer it if Ash featured more (yup, a big fan of this strong silent man!).

That being said, it is still a joy to join Larkspur on her journey of discovery.


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