Review of Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri



What a great way to explore new authors and genres. Mindspeak is a free kindle book and book 1 of The Mindspeak Series by Heather Sunseri.

The story plays out at an elite boarding school where Lexi Matthews, who can influence people’s thoughts, met up with the new student, Jack DeWeese who has healing powers. Throw in a few controversial and revolutionary geneticists, other genetically altered and gifted students, some power hungry killers and you have a story full of personal discovery and exciting twists.

The characters are convincing, the story line well thought out and the end … Well, the end was unexpected. Just when you think everyone’s in the clear, a surprising turn left you holding your breath. And then you’ll understand why this is only book 1 of a new series!

I recommend this book especially if you love a combination of the mysterious, a bit of romance mixed with science.

Click here to access a copy of the book.

The suspense and mind manipulation continues. Click here to buy all 4 books in The Mindspeak Series if you’re hooked. Each book is also sold separately.

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