Review of Breakwater (The Elemental Series Book 2) by Shannon Mayer





Book 2 does not disappoint and provides a fast paced and action driven plot.

Larkspur is royal guard who needs to accompany her older sister who was send as an ambassador to the Deep, a realm of the water elementals. They landed in the middle of a deadly battle for the throne after the death of the water elemental’s King.

Expect to be pulled into the elemental world and join in the action, secrets, magic and fighting some dangerous monsters that are lurking in the water …

After Recurve I couldn’t wait for Break Water‘s release.  Shannon Mayer has an unbelievable imaginative mind and is an expert in character development. The heroine is complex and powerful. While she may have some shortcomings, she grows with each experience. The action scenes are convincing and described in detail. The story is amazing, exciting and enjoyable.

You would want to read this series!

Click here to purchase a copy of Break Water.



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