A Review of A Faerie’s Revenge (Creepy Hollow Book 5) by Rachel Morgan




Yes, I’m a big fan of Rachel Morgan’s work, and the Creepy Hollow series probably sell itself, but I thought let me close off with book 5 before moving on to other book reviews.

And it seems I’m not the only one feeling that way so I’ll reiterate what Cassandra at The Bookish Crypt stated: “This series is electrifying”.

In the second instalment of Calla’s story, Calla is being accused of a crime she didn’t commit and need to save the Guild from a magical and deadly disease while searching for the real criminal. The plot is well thought out and creative as expected from this author, the action fast and exhilarating which will have you cheering and supporting this guardian trainee while she struggles to do the right thing. Other than physical challenges, Calla would also have to deal with some emotional matters.

If you’ve read the previous books, I presume you do not need the extra recommendation and push to get your copy today.

Click here to purchase the book.


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