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Review of False Flag (A Frank Bowen conspiracy thriller Book 1) by Jay Tinsiano

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On holiday in Thailand and in need of cash, Frank Bowen gets pulled into a political plot to destabilise Hong Kong. This leaves him running for his life.

For me personally, the beginning dragged out a little too long without any significant scenes to build intrigue and suspense. After one major scene, the action picked up and kept on moving. The international conspiracy was well-thought out, but not overly mysterious. The scenery interesting and described in detail. There was a lot of attention to detail and character building, with a long build-up to certain scenes.

It has an interesting plot.


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Review of Windburn (The Elemental Series Book 4) by Shannon Mayer

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This story is slightly different from the other elements (covered in book 1-3), as it only touched lightly on the air elementals’ world and their power.

The search for the missing King actually evolved into a bigger story. Larkspur needed to find a Tracker to pinpoint the King’s whereabouts and it was interesting how the author incorporated events and characters from another series into this one. It builds on previous and future events, especially if you’ve read the other series too.

Unfortunately this book left me somewhat wanting. Not sure if the timeline was a bit forced to fit in with the Rylee Adamson Novel series, but the (spoiler alert!) two-year time jump was a bit of a shocker. Don’t get me wrong, a great plot, very evil foes, lots of fast-paced action and interesting developments, but the latter part of the book felt a bit rushed.

… and I’d prefer it if Ash featured more (yup, a big fan of this strong silent man!).

That being said, it is still a joy to join Larkspur on her journey of discovery.


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Review of Firestorm (The Elemental Series Book 3) by Shannon Mayer

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From the proverbial ‘out of the hot water (Book 2) into the fire’ (book 3) …

This time Larkspur faces the scorching heat, depths of lava, new creatures, and foes in the Pit. To save Ash from execution, Larkspur needs to overcome manipulation and identify traitors while trying not to burn alive.

Similarly to the previous books, this one is action packed with strong and well-developed characters and nominal romance. (I really, really would prefer if Ash features more! Hint, hint Shannon.) It swept me along and I held my breath as I turn page after page. What an adrenaline rush and extraordinary series!


Purchase your copy of Fire Storm by clicking here.


Review of Recombinant (The Blood Borne Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer & Denise Grover Swank

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Shannon Mayer is another of my favorite authors (yes, I’ve finished her Rylee Adamson novels and is waiting in anticipation for her next book in the Elemental series).

Recombinant is the first book in a new series (with co-writer D G Swank) which is full of plots, provides an alternative historical perspective on vampires and introduces new interesting characters.

A journalist, Rachel and a vampire hunter, Lea’s paths crossed when both become interested in and investigated a succession of gruesome murders in New York city. They make a reluctant but formidable team to uncover the truth which is much bigger conspiracy than what they initially anticipated.

Expect strong female leads – insight is gained into their characters and history as the book progresses – with a great story line that will keep you turning pages (or sliding your fingers across your e-reader’s screen) till the end, which came much too quickly. A new intriguing and intense series.

Purchase your copy of the Recombinant here.


PS: you can pre-order Replica which is due on 5 April 2016! Can’t wait for its release.



Review of In the Shadows Box Set Books 1-3, Sebastian and Talia: A Billionaire SEAL Story

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I think you will also fall in love with Sebastian and Talia’s love story which is spread over 3 books.

In book one, Mister Black, these two characters met without exchanging real names, but both left a lasting impact on each other that will fundamentally change their story going forward. The passion between this masterful seducer and willing participant, nearly ignite the pages it was written on. I think the mystery and aliases just added to the story line.

I loved the intrigue, sizzling hot chemistry and interaction between Talia and Sebastian. It is a really fun love story full of suspense and mystery.

If you do not want to commit yet to the full box set, grab your free copy of Mister Black here.

This romance carries on in Scarlett  Red, Book 2. Both these characters need to deal with their pasts, which threaten to overshadow their present lives. There are mystery, suspense and deep emotion in abundance – a real epic story. The character growth is expertly interwoven into the story line. A great add-on to book 1, but also leave you wanting more …

Book 3, Blackest Red, builds on the suspense and passion while providing an enigmatic plot that offers so much more. Circumstances will keep on throwing Talia and Sebastian together as trouble finds her, which necessitates her asking him for protection … but will she be able to keep her heart intact? Mmmm, all I can say is expect more explosive and hot love scenes spiced with action and anticipation.

Click here to purchase your copy of In the Shadows Box Set.


If you love this romance, check out Cass and Calder’s story in Gold Shimmer and Steel Rush – even better plot twists with a little bit of Talia and Sebastian thrown in!!


Note: These books contain mature content and are meant for readers 18+.

Review of Breakwater (The Elemental Series Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

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Book 2 does not disappoint and provides a fast paced and action driven plot.

Larkspur is royal guard who needs to accompany her older sister who was send as an ambassador to the Deep, a realm of the water elementals. They landed in the middle of a deadly battle for the throne after the death of the water elemental’s King.

Expect to be pulled into the elemental world and join in the action, secrets, magic and fighting some dangerous monsters that are lurking in the water …

After Recurve I couldn’t wait for Break Water‘s release.  Shannon Mayer has an unbelievable imaginative mind and is an expert in character development. The heroine is complex and powerful. While she may have some shortcomings, she grows with each experience. The action scenes are convincing and described in detail. The story is amazing, exciting and enjoyable.

You would want to read this series!

Click here to purchase a copy of Break Water.



Review of Recurve (The Elemental Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer

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As a half-breed elemental bastard-child accused of attacking her wicked stepmother, Larkspur needs to decide to either become an Ender – one of the King’s Elite Guards – or being banished.

The story moves along rapidly with detailed action scenes and some interesting threatening situations. I was easily pulled into the world of the Elementals and trust you’ll also enjoy this action packed ride-along. A strong female lead with high values and a good heart. A great book which I highly recommend.


Click here to purchase your copy of Recurve.


Other Books in the Elemental Series:

Breakwater (Book 2)

Firestorm (Book 3)

Windburn (Book 4)

Review of The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer

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This is still one of my old time favorites. I figuratively devour this book many moons before the movie was released (and even before the hype started on Stephenie’s Twilight series). My husband couldn’t understand my excitement when he reluctantly agreed to watch the movie with me. To say the least he was a bit confused what the hype was all about. Similarly to other books-turned-movie releases, the movie (irrespective of the acting quality) couldn’t give a true reflection of this epic book – pure genius.

If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know the earth and human minds were invaded by a foreign species. That there was an internal struggle for possession between the persistent Melanie Stryder and the invading “soul”, the Wanderer.

This book expertly told a unique and unusual love story. An unforgettable novel with a satisfying ending. I confess, a real tearjerker too … well, if you cry from happiness ;-).

This book is one of my top recommendations.


Click here to grab a copy for your reading pleasure.

Review of Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri

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What a great way to explore new authors and genres. Mindspeak is a free kindle book and book 1 of The Mindspeak Series by Heather Sunseri.

The story plays out at an elite boarding school where Lexi Matthews, who can influence people’s thoughts, met up with the new student, Jack DeWeese who has healing powers. Throw in a few controversial and revolutionary geneticists, other genetically altered and gifted students, some power hungry killers and you have a story full of personal discovery and exciting twists.

The characters are convincing, the story line well thought out and the end … Well, the end was unexpected. Just when you think everyone’s in the clear, a surprising turn left you holding your breath. And then you’ll understand why this is only book 1 of a new series!

I recommend this book especially if you love a combination of the mysterious, a bit of romance mixed with science.

Click here to access a copy of the book.

The suspense and mind manipulation continues. Click here to buy all 4 books in The Mindspeak Series if you’re hooked. Each book is also sold separately.

A Review of A Faerie’s Revenge (Creepy Hollow Book 5) by Rachel Morgan

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Yes, I’m a big fan of Rachel Morgan’s work, and the Creepy Hollow series probably sell itself, but I thought let me close off with book 5 before moving on to other book reviews.

And it seems I’m not the only one feeling that way so I’ll reiterate what Cassandra at The Bookish Crypt stated: “This series is electrifying”.

In the second instalment of Calla’s story, Calla is being accused of a crime she didn’t commit and need to save the Guild from a magical and deadly disease while searching for the real criminal. The plot is well thought out and creative as expected from this author, the action fast and exhilarating which will have you cheering and supporting this guardian trainee while she struggles to do the right thing. Other than physical challenges, Calla would also have to deal with some emotional matters.

If you’ve read the previous books, I presume you do not need the extra recommendation and push to get your copy today.

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